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    First, to the emerging discussion, I do not see as much negativity in the physical reality. It is part of the larger total reality, which remains unseen to most humans. Since conspiracies are a physical (3D) description of total reality, I do not place much weight in them. I am not suggesting that there is not evil (a human term, btw). However, I might instead hold forth that "each human exists in their own confusion about the 3D and what is beyond the physical body". Buddhism suggests this idea (although I am not Buddhist). I might add that human confusion emerges because we misunderstand the influences of our 3D limitations (e.g., time and space and biology). The 3D is not an easy place to adjust to at times, and so all humans are subjects to this experiene (e.g., who has not been confused?). However, from a non-physical perspective (and every human has access to a non-3D perspective) "All is always well". I did not plan on saying this to start off, but this first comment now seems important.

    Second, and to the original question, I still end up using the word "guidance" generally when I talk to others about this experience in my life. However, my experience is that those beings (lives) supporting me are much more than guidance. Both Seth and Abraham expand upon this, and that some supporting us never incarnate. If I have learned anything about this ... it is that humans are very complex in their 3D / non-3D make up. After meeting the primary life time which I extend from in June 2015 (I named her Courage), I took a year to begin learning about guidance. There was a lot of bad information to sort through, before I could find my footing and a place to stand. Now in the last year and a half, I have met 5 or 6 of those supporting me but I know that there are many more (e.g., I experienced them in a large party setting). Meditation has been the most important physical practice in this process for me (e.g., not specifically phasing or OBE's), as it reduces my resistance to the non-physical flow. To learn about them individually, I simply began asking the question, "Who are those supporting me?" before going to bed, and in a state of reduced resistance, I was given a series of non-physical experiences where these individual introductions took place.

    Third, it is my experience (even in the last year) that the support system around me changes or adjusts. It "seems" to adjust according to my own energies and focuses of the moment (e.g., much like law of attraction). I might add that there seems to be a continual flow of non-physical energies toward us. My growing experience is that there is an "alignment" to that, and in the last year I have heard the term for this ... "staying on the beam" many times. Abraham call this "getting into your vortex", but I have also heard them use the term "staying on the beam". I was able to present a question about this to Rita Warren (a former both operator for Robert Montoe) via Frank DeMarco over the summer, and the metaphor that she suggested was "keeping your eye on the ball".

    Fourth, the most attractive work and thorough discovery (recently) that I have seen come forward in the area of "who are those supporting us as we are extended here?" is the work of Frank DeMarco. He is a human example of this contact, as he does not fully step aside (e.g., trance channel). He has nearly daily morning contact with the non-physical, where he wakes up, drinks his coffee, and writes out that day's conversation with non-physical beings (e.g., his own guidance, former people from the Monroe Institute such as Rita Warren and Bob Monroe, and beings beyond who have never taken human form). He has been doing this nearly 25 years now.

    I have been immersed in his work the last 15 months (participating with a group of individuals surrounding TMI and many in other parts of the world). I also have found the Seth material and Abraham-Hicks helpful in my practicing and exploration. Overall, I would hold forth that we have many helpers (at many levels) supporting us. So, I am of the growing opinion that a consciousness connection to our inner being is a general feature and characteristic when we (humans) come forth into the 3D. Being here ... it is about our connection to the non-physical lives supporting us, while influenced by the senses of a physical body. This is a primary way in how consciousness expands. It is NOT strictly about learning how to leave the body to achieve these things, as our natural dreaming state is enough for contact and awareness of those supporting us. Out of body experiences or phasing (if preferred) are additional paths, and may or may not provide additional clarity. Seth says that 'we always dream ... even after we die'.

    Fifth, the recent idea or label of the "All-D" has become helpful to me. Total reality is all one thing, and we exist in it (all levels). We are not merely in the 3D as humans as most might perceive. We are actually in the All-D (both 3D and non-3D) but our physical body (e.g., 3D focuses of time and space, a biological brain, 5 physical senses) limits our perceptions of the All-D. I mention this because problems emerge, even in forums like this, in separating the two (3D and non-3D) for purposes of discussion, when they are one thing.
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