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    Subtle Traveler asked me to post how I phase from a visualization. I'm moving that answer and any related responses to this new thread.

    First, for those not aware of the original post which prompted this thread, here is what I wrote:

    This is a practice I started when I first learned to phase. Actually, I had done it before I knew what I was doing or that it had a name. I kind of stumbled on it by myself and afterwards start researching what I was experiencing.

    I call this creating a space, your own space. Decide what you want it to be. It doesn't have to be an actual place. It's meant to be 'created' by you, but you need to have an idea for what it will generally look like. Meaning, do you like the beach? If so, create your space somewhere on/near a beach. It could be just a stretch of beach, or maybe a hut at the edge of the sand. If you prefer the mountains instead, then imagine that with maybe a log cabin? Or if you're a city person, maybe you'd love to sit on a bridge over a river, or high on a rooftop overlooking all of the skyscrapers. Or maybe you love sailboats. The point is decide a general concept.

    I'll use the beach in this analogy so you can get an idea of what to do. Because this is a type of deep meditation, I find it easier to imagine yourself somewhere near your place but far enough away that you need to travel, preferably up or down, to reach your space. The traveling part is what allows you consciousness to relax and deepen before your reach your space.

    So, if we're focusing on the beach, imagine you're looking down at the beach from a rocky cliff. There may be a winding path leading to the beach or, if you're an active person, maybe you prefer to rock climb down. Either way, imagine yourself standing at the end of the cliff looking down. You need to build in as much detail as you can and include multiple senses, not just visuals. For example, as you look out, is the water smooth and calm or rough and choppy? Can you feel the wind gusting against you? How about the waves washing over the sand? Can you taste the salt and brine of the seawater that's carried in the air? Can you hear the seagulls calling out as they circle above you? Stand on the edge and take it all in. Do your best to imagine all of this at the same time and make it as real as you can. When your mind is fully engaged in creating the scene (and not wondering if you're doing it correctly or randomly thinking of other things) then start climbing/walking towards the beach.

    As you go down, pay attention to the details. Can you feel the rocks under your feet? Are they slate grey and white or some other color? Can you smell the earth as you walk against the cliff side? Stretch out a hand and brush it across the rocks as you climb down, are they rough to the touch or worn smooth by wind and rain?

    When you reach the sand, feel it shift and move under your feet as you walk. Is it hot from the sun? Does the spray from the waves mist your face? Close your eyes against the wind and just feel everything around you. When you open them again, look around and see if there's anything haven't noticed yet. If you don't see anything else, then ask aloud if there's anyone here? Wait and see what happens. If nothing happens, then just sit on the beach and relax. Take in the peace and calm you feel here. Let it ground you.

    If you have questions, like what was this experience with the woman, then let the question float to the top of your mind. Stay in your place, on the beach, but also be aware that you don't know what to make of that experience. Don't try to figure it out, but be aware of your question and the experience. Often times when I do this, I'll find answers to come.

    Don't worry if you don't meet your guide the first few times you do this. If you visit your space several times a week you'll eventually start noticing new things appear. Things you didn't consciously create. At some point, your guide will show themselves as well, although they may not appear as a person at first. Mine first appeared as a black bear and then later an american indian.

    Sometimes answers will come and sometimes they won't. But being your space will help you to relax so that when the answers do come, they'll be clearer and easier to understand. Doing this also helps you practice awareness so that you are more likely to become lucid in dreams and, when OBE, maintain the length and clarity of the OBE. Remember, this is all about consciousness.

    That ends the original post.

    If you notice, I mention several times that you need to involve as many senses as I can. This is critical for phasing because your ultimate goal is to fully immerse yourself in this place such that you actually enter it. You are completely surrounded by it. This is the first step into the astral. You are basically separating your consciousness from the physical realm to the astral realm using your imagination. This is basically the same process as entering one of the hypnogogic images, but instead of waiting for an image to appear you create your own.

    Once inside this place, you can stay there, or phase to other parts of the astral, just by thinking of it
    and focusing solely on that. You will then be taken there. And the trip doing that is quite interesting to me as well. I actually don't perceive me moving when I do this, instead I perceive the surroundings as blurring past me at the speed of light. Its really interesting. Then it slows down and I'm where I wanted to go.

    Once you have a place you like, and you visit it often enough, you develop a feel for it. You can then go to it whenever you want simply by thinking of it and often do so with little 'prep' work in terms of relaxing or meditation.

    A few notes on this process:
    Sometimes you may find other things there that you didn't create. This does happen. Sometimes guides or others will find you there. This can take place even before you are fully inside it. You may be picturing it and going through your process of mentally entering it, when a man walks up to you on the beach. You didn't create a man though. You are now making your first contact with other beings. Sometimes they can be guides, sometimes deceased friends/relatives.

    I rarely use the 3D blackness method any longer. I've been using this visualization method for over 15 years. This method has morphed slightly for me the past 8 years or so, but more like a next step for me. Not something that needs to be altered in the method above.

    When you start out with this method, at least for me, I always begin imagining in 3rd person. But I keep going. The more you use your senses and imagination together, the more you will feel your awareness pulled in such that instead of watching you actually end up doing. So instead of watching yourself walk down a path in your imaginary scene, you become the person walking down the path. This is also one of those stages that I call jittery. Because it is very common to instantly flip back and forth between watching and doing (3rd and 1st person views respectively). What I've noticed is that the cause for my 'flipping' is usually that I am in 1st person and suddenly realize I'm in 1st person. At which point I flip back to 3rd person, but I'm still in, or should I say watching, the scene. So if this happens, expect it and just keep going with your senses and imagination.
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    Excellent Novice. :):cool:

    When I first began my Journey into this practice I used a focus on my "Happy Place" Mine like yours was a tranquil Tropical Island beach scene.

    I began with a focus of just lying there. Then I would pan left and right and take in the scenery. Next I would grab a handful of sand and watch and feel as it sifted through my fingers.

    By then I was fully immersed in the scene and now it was time to explore. Most times it didn't take long for me to find something new there and that led to some kind of adventure. But sometimes I just went there to relax.

    The last time I went there I tried my new technique which is instead of walking and moving towards something, I have the objects and visuals move towards me. I began doing this when I wanted to have deeper experiences by "shedding" the thought of having a physical structure and just becoming a "point of consciousness". When I did that I was usually in for a "treat". Many times it created some kind of speed warp. It began innocent enough with just things moving in regular motion. But then it quickly sped up and I usually had to abort because of "system overload", lol.

    I really like your tech of beginning on a rocky cliff and taking the sounds, scenery and general feel of the place, before you search out to adventure. I will have to try that today. Thank You for this fantastic post Novice! It was much appreciated! :cool:
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    Thanks Novice ... very detailed and descriptive.
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    I just finished my most recent "Phase session/soak" and I used the cliff viewpoint. It was actually really easy to envision.

    My focus soon got sidetracked by some kind of bug/bird that flew into my line of sight. It kept buzzing and flying/hovering in front of me, so I gave it my undivided attention. Once I did, it began flying through the tall grass in back of me. I followed it and it led me through a weird maze. At first the maze was through the tall grass. But soon I saw walls, like that of cave and then I began moving extremely fast through color and waves of some kind. It was very cool.

    The whole adventure took up about 45 minutes in "our time" But I felt I was "there" for much longer than that.
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    :)very cool visualization exercise, I did try it yesterday with a focus on the spot that I like to go, a big rock by the river of Saguenay where the Wales come , it open to the sea:rolleyes: I thought it would be a good place to start my intention to go across the oceans and go where ever it is. like the BBQ place:D
    Anyway my little try I did felt very much peaceful and this dark brown horse was galloping towards me, he came close to me but his face was sort of blurry but I could see is shape fairly good . :cool: I think I skip a step, feeelll... the grass and touch it... and smell the breeze and many other important thing that really help. I will try this again. thank you for this. Oh! Tom Kenyon has very similar exercise that now I can see how important to make all this grounding ritual , even being aware of the space by keeping distance and moving or becoming aware where the noise come from. This exercise train the brain, also using memories that are all from your senses will be a good step to help visualisation. A discipline that can help the phasing abilities:)
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    One thing I noticed Novice in your initial post above while rereading it was how you mentioned your experiences begin in 3rd person view. I find this to be the very familiar as well.
    Plume reminded me of how I too see "Horses" while attempting to phase. One of my favorite focus techniques for Phasing is simulating a "Roller coaster" scenario. There are dips and curves and many times it opens up to a new visual of a field with a small road where a Horse is running ahead of me. Soon I will pop into 1st person view and see I am now riding that Horse. The same thing occurs with Motorcycles. The strange thing about that is I don't ride a Horse or am a Rancher of any kind. I have rode a Horse years ago. But I don't have a strong bond to them at all. I enjoy and appreciate their grace and beauty though.

    Also, many times when I become aware in my Dreams I am in 3rd person view, just taking in the scene. Soon it changes to 1st person view and then I am fully enveloped in the scenario at hand.
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