Thoughts on Mental Health vs NP Experiences

Discussion in 'Experiences in Physical Reality' started by novice, Oct 26, 2017.

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    I have had the idea that it's possible people diagnosed with schizophrenia or other mental health issues could be a result of np senses getting overloaded and the individual either isn't aware of what is happening and/or doesn't know how to control it.

    I'm not saying this is true, simply that it's a theory of mine. Do you think this is a possibility? If so, what do you think would be the np experiences that may cause one to believe/act like they have schizophrenia? Also, if you don't think this could create schizophrenia sign/symptoms, I'd like to know why/how you've come to that belief.
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    Related to your question, we recently had a woman visit here (Miss Understood) who presented what I would consider the ideal experiences for exploring your question. She shared her experience openly (e.g., she was hospitalized for psychosis two times this year after a terrible divorce from a 25 year marriage which included some abuse). She has a 48 hour period of what she considered hallucination, but it seemed to have all the earmarks of an OBE in the RTZ (real time zone).

    She readily admitted the trauma she experienced. I suggested to her that her experience could be a combination of physical symptoms (trauma from her divorce experience) and a brief look in the non-physical of her backyard (e.g., her body sleeping while brain chemicals were on high alert from the trauma). However, after talking with me (and getting several of her questions answered) she continued to hold the stance or perspective that her experience was only a mental health problem (not a non-physical experience). Which was fine.

    Trauma is a VERY INTERESTING factor in these types of situations. I suspect that you will need to broaden your topic from schizophrenia to include forms of psychosis (e.g., seeing and hearing things, severe paranoia).

    And, in all this, I do see your primary question about schizophrenia. I have learned in the last year and one-half that I am actually a community (composed of many strands or lives). Just like you, I have met aspects of myself (e.g., strands) in out of body experiences, phasing, and dreams. The last aspect that I met was a younger teenage Latin-Indian girl who presented herself with her little sister, but only she stepped forward (as if to symbolize my specific connection). I mention this detail, to focus your question a bit. Instead I might ask your guidance the question, "Does Schizophrenia involve the non-physical strands which are part of our inner being?" or "Are the multiple physical personalities of a human with severe schizophrenia simply manifestations of these individual strands?"

    Do these question make sense? (I can re-word them, if not)

    Finally, this is a complex discussion and not a light topic. Not sure how many people here can credibly discuss this. There will certainly be opinions, but you may want to see if Fred might visit here to help talk everyone through this. I have developed several community mental health programs in our state, so I have quite a bit of background in this area, but I am not clinically oriented or licensed (e.g., to diagnose and treat people).
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    Jeez! No expertise from me... I am not surprised that some experience could fit your understanding , knowing how little we know about Np experience and the lack of support from standard psychiatrists . Look at the way doctors are stuck in a boxe of belief. That could change and maybe it is more now. Lets hope.
    Curious to know :)
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    I'm just trying to remember who I was having a discussion with about this topic? Fred, maybe? A bleed through from subjective parts of their consciousness?

    Interesting topic:)
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    I think there may be some truth to this in some cases, but I have a female friend I met over 30 years ago in college. There is a late onset schizophrenia that may afflict women starting in mid 20s. Over the decades it became clear that this person who was odd, incoherent, and at times non-functional became worse with time. She is parinoid and delusional of family, friends, employers, doctors and therefore untreated. Sure she has what she explains as spiritual visistations, but she also cannot maintan a thread of thought in conversation for 30 seconds. Very sad. It is impossible even having a causual conversation about anything.

    My son and I also help provide housing to a friend that did 100 hits of acid for the heck of it. Now he can't work and lives on his medicade support with no hope of ever functioning normally again as he fried his brain. His delusions are largely focused on everyday normal affairs; not much for psychic contacts.

    So in my experience there are folks that suffer mental disease just like any other organ failure or toxic shock. However, I am sure that many people would think I am quite insane if they read my notes, and I sort of question that too. :)-)
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    Dissociation can cause Out of Body Experiences. Dissociation can be caused by Trauma/PSTSD, Borderline Personality Disorder, Bi-polar Disorder and Schizophrenia.

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