Initialisation perceptions.

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    I like the grasp you have on this whole thing Plume. As a child I did have fears and questions (many questions) those were pretty much always accorded to the devil and answered through religion or superstition. I innately knew that was hokey so stopped asking. As I grew older I lost my fear but in the end could not make sense of it so began to ignore, avoid and discount things.

    I'll tell you a funny. I was told once that Gifts were bestowed by God and sense I clearly questioned God then they were not gifts but that I was being deceived by the devil. Now the funny thing is that the only question (at that time) I had was, "Who said anything about gifts?" and "Are you kidding me?" ) Yep, I was a precocious 8 to 10 year old. LOL!

    LMHO! If it takes that long I'll be dead by then.

    I've not met a lot of different types and that I feel has to do with my stubbornness. I want to see them as they are, NOT as some made up construct that matches an image in my head I gleaned out of a book or off television. There have been times when an image has appeared that resembles on of those and I tell them no, I want to see them as they are. They usually skedaddle which baffles me because regardless I am only curious and have no intent to harm them.

    Are there Avians, I don't personally know but I've read others say so. So if you do get that avian party don't forget to invite the rest of us. :p
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    I am not that familiar with the Avians but I would be delighted to meet that culture. I got only suddenly intersested because I was exploring all the video that I was expose too at one point , thinking it was joke all this wanting to meet ET and why would I want to, so I said that ...ok I am open to meet an ET only if it had feathers. :eek: Now that was a bit of a surprise when I got inform that there is such a type like Non physical entity with feathers :D jeez! You got to be careful what you wish for ;) so not long after maybe a few month I had a lucid dream with some interessting person around and having a conversation about where is the party am looking for? But I notice one in paticular that seamed different and I ask if he or she was a dreamer:cool: only because the eyes were so vibrant and friendly. I got a nice smile but notice the face having feature that was missing. I though how cool and did not make to much fuss over that and not long after I came across a image that I connected to what I saw. It was a search I did, again I don't why I was looking at that website but the avian image was very striking in resemblance. I could be imagining all this but the feeling I got when I realized all this was anough for me to want to meet again. Eh! Got to dream . I certainly sound a bit less arrogant then last year with my silly intro and not wanting to see any ET or whatever I will in the np from fearing to have something done to me like abduction or being drill in the head...o_O Jeez where did I get that idea ??? Anyway you can see how amazing it is to come out of the box and be more open to see other realms withou fears. I am still trying to get more lucidity and meditation time and you can be sure that when I get a cool experience in the np with some Avians friends you will all be invited to my party ...first you will have to read my very long story ;) with maybe a few tarots cards to spice up the eventful moments. Too bad I can't take photos but I sure can paint. :) Oh did you know I am the feather expert :D I mean really a expert at faking the feather. ;)Now that should be interesting from the perspective of an Avian ambassador :) I am here and love to get together :rolleyes: the only probleme I am so busy now that my waking time is very demanding and when I sleep I am out for the night. :( Oh winter is coming and darkness is good for going to bed early. :D

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