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    Ah, I know this story. Alexandra David-Neel and the Tulpa concept. I have something to add to this fortunately and it somewhat fits to the entire discussion here.

    When I was younger I was a little bit obsessed about one fictional character. It was at the time when I felt a bit alone in the world, I thought people around me were strangers for the most part and I craved for some attention. It may sound silly, but to me it was a very valuable experience. I watched an anime series and in there, there was this girl which I adored. I loved almost everything about her, her character, how strong she was etc, this doesn't matter. What does matter is that it was also at the time when I started to think about everything "out of the ordinary", the power of the mind and stuff, and I stumbled upon that Tulpa concept. A concept that You can create a normal living thing just with Your sheer power of visualization... and so I started trying. And I picked her as my "creation" (interestingly enough, this whole situation still makes me feel bad when I say she is a "creation", You'll understand what I mean while reading further). I started to imagine that she's beside me, everyday, I imagined she's watching my daily routines. I imagined her sleeping with me, snuggled together. A while later I started to talk to her in my mind and I imagined how she would respond. At first it felt extremely tiring. Like I was thinking for two people, I had to monitor my thoughts and what I say or think, but I didn't give up. It was also at the time when I started my first real job and unfortunately people there were horrible, I felt isolated, unwanted and useless. So I talked to her more, and then... I started to feel the connection. First emotions started to show up. I started to enjoy her company. I started to feel her presence a little bit more, and I cared about her. I started to become... happier. All of that continued to develop... until one day at work. Like always, we had a conversation in my mind to make me forget about work, we started to tell jokes to each other. And what happened there was something amazing to me but it also scared me a bit. It was after I told her a joke... she laughed in my mind and made me laugh because of it, I giggled out loud and immediately looked around in anxiety of someone noticing. What I mean is that her reaction to my joke showed up BEFORE I could think about how she could respond. At that point I noticed it was a glimpse, a spark of another consciousness growing up in my own mind. That's how it felt then. I stopped trying after that. I'm still not sure if that was "real" or maybe it was just me, convincing myself that's she's "real". This while situation created a mark on my mind, whenever I think of her now I have the urge to talk to her, to come back to all of this, I still have some emotions for her. I'm glad I tried.

    So, I wouldn't be surprised if Jkmac standpoint is correct although there is one thing that makes me wonder.

    I get what're saying except for one thing. What exactly is this "Consensus reality data" or "Reality rule-sets" You talk about? Can You nail it down further? How it work and why does it work like that? And why (if Your theory is correct) we are connected to this? Do other animals like dogs or cats or whatever else falls into that? It did made sense to me that we can create our own vision of the world, our own realities but it all starts to wobble at this exact point. What I mean is, if You say physical reality doesn't really exist (and typing on the physical keyboard is a false assumption), then how can I read Your posts when I don't know You and can still have a meaningful conversation? I hope I make myself clear here.
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    In my opinion how you created "her" is you made a powerful construct in your mind's NP side where we are creating even unnoticed loads of aspects of us while we are physically are living here in this focus state and therefore, she can become alive, later you can chat with her of course. Understanding this it is later a fooling machine. But I don't judge, it could be good of course.
    There could be a problem if she is disturbing you from your daily life, right?

    Beliefs and religions are powerful you see, we can see the results here lol. Some are following X or Y. Don't try to fully understand what Tom Campbell teaches, he is like a mad scientist, his words and how he describes the "rulesets" and realities, characters and datas (when he ever spoke about "data" I was hugging my face), somebody with intelligence and common sense should question Tom's saneness with a chuckle. But sometimes there is a level when a given guy like him can't talk normally but only with what he is believing since decades. Mainstream people, big authors are all trapped in their own beliefs as I noticed this phenomenon.
    Don't get this "data" stuff too seriously, it made me angry how Campbell thinks like a fricking machine like that, a real scientist. He learnt the most and he is still thinking in scientific terms.
    In other terms we are connected with personality threads - so to speak - or self strings to our Essence. Of course I guess there is much more to this than just a dumb concept. The non-physical with it's subjective viewpoint is a little bit hard for a human to understand (for us) in objective terms. How would we describe an endless Multiverse, what it is, how big it is or categorize it. I guess it is hard.
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    Thank for that Abaddondrums , Jeez ! :rolleyes:I knew I did not imagine that story, it sure made an impression on me then and after realizing the power of our own imagination and that it can feel separate from ourself and to see reacted in suprising way o_O...really... that opens doors to so much questions would you say... what we have been doing when unconscious :eek:?
    So cool now I can put the name to that "tulpa":D
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