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Discussion in 'The Transition Process' started by Shanjaq, Dec 28, 2017.

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    Hi, I'm new to this forum and have a question about the initialization of an oobe. Well, it's more of a problem, because it's cutting them short and preventing me from exploring.. What happens is that I'll be laying down and passing through the sleep transition, my hands and feet begin to feel a diffused tingling sensation (like holding a balloon that had been rubbed vigorously to produce a strong static field near my extremities,) and I'll feel/hear a clicking sound in the back of my head (top of the spine, in the neck area,) which increases in frequency (sometimes it's fast enough to sound like buzzing,) and then when it reaches its peak I am launched out of my body at I would estimate to be a dozen feet per second. I hear a rushing sound like wind blowing past my "ears", and I'll be sailing in a ballistic trajectory toward a wall in whatever environment I emerged to, and when I hit the wall my perception of the environment disintegrates and for a brief moment a wave of disorientation overcomes me as my senses re-integrate with my body, and then I'm fully awake.

    There have been a few times where the "escape velocity" was not so high so I was able to gain some navigation control and explore the environment, in those cases it was like being pulled out by a wave returning to the sea. Has anyone had problems like this initiating an oobe, or have any advice for someone with an issue like this? Thanks!
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    Hello and Welcome! :)

    I have had all kinds of Astral "projections". I have awoken in mild SP, with the Astral winds a blowing and some kind of weird body pulses that came in waves. When the sound and sensations became "constant", I felt hands on my ankles lifting me or dragging me away. One of my first entirely bizarre SP outings included being grabbed by my ankles and pulled upwards to my bedroom ceiling, where I was then spun like a corkscrew through my ceiling. I stayed with that one as long as I could, until it became too much to consciously handle, then I clicked out.

    Other times, I am dragged from my bed, down my hallway and out my patio window. I have often questioned this "path" that is taken. I have a large window in the bedroom, less than 3 feet from my bed. So, the fact that I am being dragged down the hallway, then out my window never made any sense to me. o_O:confused: It is always at high speed as well.

    You described the Astral "signposts/exit symptoms" quite well there.

    Just another note on this. There have been some famous Authors of Astral Travel, that have spoke of this phenomenon as well. I remember one Author called it Astral "ejection", instead of "projection".
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    Bienvenue Shanjaq:)
    Lots for you to read and most important, keep practicing and take notes in your journal.
    You will see patterns that will help you know what it is your experiencing.
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    Hi Shanjaq,:)

    My welcomes to you as well!

    Astral ejections, lol, yeah that sounds about right :D
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    Not like that but everyone is different. Don't worry about the details otherwise you'll get bogged down in analyzing them and won't be paying attention to what's around you. Just let it go.
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    Welcome Shanjac,
    Don't be surprised that your experience isn't quite matching up with your expectation; this happens often, even as in your case, in just having a straight-forward 'exit'. These issues often resolve themselves on a rather instinctive level, so like has been said, don't over-analyze it too much, just keep your basic 'intent' in mind (where do you want to go/what do you want to do?). With that said, if the issue continues without forward progress, maybe after seven or so tries, then an adjustment may be necessary.
    You might try a simple affirmation at the beginning of your session that is a request to 'slow the exit process down and allow you more control and understanding', or something similar. Even some statement as simple as, "please don't put me immediately into a wall!". Walls, windows and doors were always difficult for me initially as they meant transitions and I would always lose awareness, lol.

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