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    Exit and more,
    So exciting to practice in regular basis, it is showing result in a slow manner but solid growth for me and I feel that I can recall much more now.
    First I need to explain my routine for today. I start with the exercise with the movement forward and backwards (those are The exercise that Shu-Man is sharing on his post at the astral pulse on the Doorway thread.) I started standing up this time:rolleyes: and I go prepare myself to go rest with the Gamma wave cd which is 30 minutes. I like this one it does put me in a good mood and very relax also the sound of the birds at the end wakes me up if I fall asleep so I can press play it again which help me keep an awake state on edge. Like I concluded before I always get some good experience if I just put the time and just in the right rested part of the day.

    I was concentrating on the movement with breathing forward and backward with sometime images of going up and down some cliff and all at the same time paying attention to notice anything that I can focus or take as a lead. I had a few in and out events with vibrations all just because I do stay aware of my physical but at one point I was surprise to see these women walking to my right into my houseo_O A bit of a moment but realizing maybe I should interact:cool: I was not sure what to do quickly said what is up and what are you doing here? I got the message that they were doing house cleaning and offer to help , but they all seemed to have change into some children and now I felt like I had to have fun and do some flying around. We did and there was moment were I would try to say to a young girl that she was in my dream reality and we were having an experience, for some reason she look distress a bit and my reaction was to say you know we are everywhere and you have multiple reality don't worry about this:confused: ouf :rolleyes: I almost made her cry and we all continue having fun flying around. Much maneuvering and we got separate, next I was again aware of myself in the physical and again to my right I saw the back of a man walking in a hallway looking around and up the walls of the corridor like not knowing where he was , I called out and said what is your name? all along I seem to not move from my position, through the doorway "kind of" he approach and looked very concerned, I still have a clear picture of his look and even think he was latino with dark hair and he said his name was Micheal my first reaction was to put my hands on the side of his head and look him in the eye and said don't worry everything is fine you are ok.:)
    Now that was very interesting for me because I felt confident and I had no idea what I was suppose to do but went along and only do what I would normally do is just say all is fine just go with the flow. I have no idea if I made all this up but the look on the face says that the could be in transition or having a dreams and feel lost or I don't know , if this is a retrieval kind of experience I think I can handle this in that way.
    All in all this was so much fun , but to recall this I had to make a strong effort to stay aware and even after having a deep sleep I felt that it was fading away but just before opening my eyes I made sure to recall all the important details in my mind, I sure lost some of it but the main ones are all here, had to get this down before I forget it all so quick and frustrating :cool:

    Oh! just remember in one of my exit I had this weird experience with a window, I think I had in mind at time that it can be like stretch and feel like a membrane:eek: Funny it was just that and tried so hard to push through for fun and thought how fun this was. I even tried piercing to only see it reform itself with almost a vengeance o_O this made me conclude that I was having a belief moment and was being the result of thinking that way. Cool...
    Anyway got to go and meditate later with the gateway release and recharge cd but first I am going shopping with my mom in a mall:eek: got to do some sacrifice sometime and go in the crowds:confused: so nice here when the house is empty ...only Saturday and for the next two month going to work in a big Cathedral in Ottawa, the Hermit life is going to be put on hold for a while:(
    Eh! everything is fine :) just go with the flow;)
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