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    When I was about 22(I am now 48) I had laid down on my bed spread out. Which I never sleep in that position. So I had a feeling kinda like when you are tipping over in a chair. Not so abrupt but like a slow tip. I found myself in my room looking down at my body. I flew to several places. At one point I was what seemed like space. There was a white sphere. It was God. How do I know it was God? It just was. Wasn't a question. At this point the answers to all of life's questions was shot into my mind. Almost instantly. They all seemed so simple. I also was feeling a bliss that I can't compare anything to. There isn't a drug that I know of that can give you anything close to this kind of feeling. Not even ecstasy. I knew this wasn't just a dream. So one day I read an article about Out of Body experiences and I knew that is what happened to me. I would like to find a way to see if there is a way to extract life's answers from my mind. Does anyone know of anything?
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    Allo Allan,
    Welcome :) oh ! Yes I mean Bienvenue !
    Man !!!that is a big question :eek: I don't think there is one answer to that and I would be suprise that there is also one person out there that has all the answers . I only feel like an explorer , and experience is all I can think is possible at this point , for me anyway. The more we go searching the more we feel like we can't know it all but sure can have fun doing it. Maybe this is all there is , expériences:rolleyes:
    You had a great feeling , go explore and let me know what you see out there , I am curious too :)
    If you want do more out of body experiences you may want to start a discipline and be passionate about it. So many way to achieve this, you will find one for sure if you start digging into this vast information here and many other places. Being patiente and Love it everyday is the only way I saw results and growth in my journey so far. For some reason I don't feel a need to have one answer, just lots of fun traveling and have a bigger view of the existence and possibilities in the universe.
    love a good story of amazing adventures...
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    What I want to know is there a way like hypnosis that can help retrieve the information I was given.
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    Hi Alan ... welcome to the forum.

    Yes. You began exiting your body in the first experience you described. Inner motion is a common precursor to an out of body experience. The "bliss" that you perceived was due to the disconnection from your biological brain (e.g., your physical apparatus was asleep). You were essentially experiencing the larger part of yourself your mind or consciousness. The human is a small part of who we are, and it is your broader non-physical perspective which contacted you within your OBE/dream.

    While your biological brain may now have both questions and judgments about your now remembered experience, it is not the apparatus that you experience the non-physical with. To understand, it is our mind or consciousness which experiences the non-physical (and yours clearly did). For this to happen, your biological brain and physical body had to be asleep ... and then your mind or consciousness detached from the physical apparatus to see what you saw (an orb of light).

    What you most likely perceived was a non-physical being (or maybe even a group of beings presented as an orb of light). It could have been angelic, an aspect of yourself, your higher self (yes, we all have one), a guide wanting your attention, etc. There are many non-physical beings (many) providing us assistance - including larger non-physical aspects of ourselves. If you want to call that God ... that's fine ... but realize that now (while physically awake) you are in the physical on this forum and interpreting your out of body experience with your biological brain (e.g., after the experience). This last point is important.

    When we have contact with the non-physical, there are often "downloads of information" ... it comes in large blocks of thought. The biological brain is not designed for this, but your mind or consciousness is. Your consciousness is eternal ... and it goes where you go - both non-physically and physically. The biological brain does not go with us, when we transition out of body or upon physical death. This is why non-physical experiences mostly happen when we are sleeping or near sleep.

    To answer your question above, "yes, we know a few things here". We are a group of people sharing our physical and non-physical experiences on a forum. There are some very skilled travelers on this forum. A few have 40 to 50 years of these types of experiences.

    I think that Plume makes a good point about having the attitude of an explorer. Here's why. What I have found myself is that our initial perception of the non-physical experience and the reason for the non-physical experience are very often two differing things. While you are currently focused on the former and understandably seeking an explanation of it (e.g., biological brain answers), the more important outcome here may simply be that you were given this experience by your inner being (higher self) to wake you up to the broader realities of the physical and non-physical.

    There are now lots of past life regression therapists. It is one way of exploring (mostly the subconscious). The way it works is that the regressionist gets you into a state of trance (beyond the biological brain) and begins talking with your mind or consciousness. If I were to do this myself, I would probably call upon Nancy Canning (she is in Massachusetts). There is a YouTube interview of her talking with Bob Olsen on AfterlifeTV, if interested. She has been trained by Michael Newton, so she can take someone fairly deep and do the 'life between lives' stuff. I trust her experience.

    However, most of us here use the out of body experience, dream work, meditation, etc. to contact our non-physical guidance ... our inner being. In one of my first out of body experiences, I met my non-physical guide. I now keep a notebook to work with her and others supporting me, while I explore. So, if you are interested in the out of body experience, here is two beginning reading recommendations to explore further:

    Multi-dimensional Man (Jurgen Ziewe) - descriptive of the OBE and its ramifications

    Adventures Beyond the Body (William Buhlman) - a classic, well-respected "how to" book

    Happy journeys in your exploring!
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    I never had hypnosis , but you can try what Sublte traveler is recommending for hypnosis way of going about to dig within with the help of some professional, I read all of Micheal Newton's books , very fascinating research that he brought to the regression type of therapy. I did consider going to a trained one in my area years back but I figured that there is many way to also achieve the states we can get into for research of our own connection. I do think it makes it exciting to do regression if you want but you will find that you will want to do deeper journey anyway. Might as well invest in your power to reach that incredible capacity we all have and save your money:cool: I look into one and it was going to be like 800 dollars by the time I am done. That did not include my hotel and food that I would not miss splurging being in the big city:D Jeez! :confused: Why pay when it free in the comfort of your own bed ...ok I know you want instant result;) so do I, eh! 21 day with William Bulman programme, not bad IMO:) you already had an experience... so not much to convince your mind that this is real ... I think your are a pro at it just go for it:D
    Great advice from ST.
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    Hi Alan,

    Welcome to EIC:)

    I had a friend who was a trained hypnotist, got to play quite a bit with altered states in that way. Rather than taking up a lot of her time with regression work she taught me how to do it by myself. Now that I think about it the trance state is quite similar to using a good hemi-sync, though your mind is more focused in a particular way.
    For example, I used to use an elevator scenario where I would visualise getting into it and started to feel the sensation of descending. For every floor passed it would have an associated meaning, and level of relaxation. So for every ten floors down, I'd be ten times more relaxed. I found out that sitting in a chair was better than lying down. Sitting up seemed to prevent the temptation to fall asleep. Nothing wrong with that per se, but not the point of the exercise. ;) More than one occasion I found that I'd have a 3D blackness experience. There are so many avenues to explore and play with!

    I can't see why you couldn't use such techniques to retrieve information. I'm sure there must be a zillion videos on the likes of YouTube, which will show you the methodology.
    As ST said, quite often information comes to us in blocks, downloading that to our waking awareness can take quite a while to unfurl. While some things can all arrive at once, others need to be 'drip-fed'.


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    Welcome, Alan!
    You have some great responses thus far. I'll add my two cents as well.

    This is how I occasionally experience pre-OBE. It will feel like I'm slowly falling, but I'm not. It's the etheric body loosening from the physical body that you're experiencing.

    LOL. I know what you're saying. I remember my first experience meeting Jesus. This was about 20 years ago or so. The being was so...LIGHT that I couldn't imagine it being anything other than Jesus. I don't mean light in the literal sense, although it was there. I mean it in terms of everything. You just couldn't fake that feeling, presence, whatever you want to call it. At the time, that was the only way my mind could comprehend/interpret the experience. I have grown a lot since then and experienced a lot.

    This instantaneous knowledge is what I call the data dump. It happens a lot in the np (non-physical). I just mentioned this on another thread a week or two ago. In my experiences, time doesn't exist beyond the physical. Or at least not in the areas of consciousness I've explored. So when the universe wants to tell me something, or I ask a question and it answers, I usually get the full answers, with all of the backstory, at one time. And yes, many of the things I've seen/been told are very simple. I oftentimes think we as humans aren't happy unless we can make things incredibly complicated.

    Oh, yes. I know this feeling well. The first time it happened I woke with tears streaming down my face from the power and magnitude of it. I don't think I ever posted this experience as it happened long ago. It was the first of these type of experiences, meaning ones that are profoundly spiritual. I'm at work now and don't have much more time to respond, but I'll post again later tonight with that experience.

    As for remembering what you were told/shown, the only suggestion I have is meditation, which others have mentioned as well. It isn't quick. Meditation takes some time to learn and then apply it to recall. And you probably won't get the answers all at once. More likely, you'll get glimpses and hints seeping through your meditation. But if you're patient and consistent, I think you'll find yourself experiencing many more amazing things along the way.

    Good luck!
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    Hi Alan, What you perceived to be God, is not God, but for all practical purposes they ARE. They 'are that' - practically speaking - due to the scope of purposes they administrate and the expanse of their control. They will not claim to be 'God', as they represent the intention of God if one wants to use that word. One may think of them as an emissary. What you saw in the white sphere was likely a communication portal. What is often called communication downloads is common. Portals such as these may also allow transport. If you are ever called, or brought, through it you will not need to worry about some OBE skill. Did you need it when your were 22? No.

    Your conclusion/impression/experience-processing-belief-system is how man attempts to cast all powerful experience(s) in terms/images/concepts that a person can process. However, as crude as this inclination is, it is effective because a more accurate reflection of that domain is beyond the scope/comprehension of our reference frame, and what you think, is all you needed to proceed.

    It is not unusual in their practice to punctuate person's lives with these mythic events especially early in one's life as they do this to ... insert the premise, create a tone, frame one's thinking, underpin a desire belief ... all that fosters a life-long pursuit of their trail and their purpose. They have been formulating and cultivating this long before our star system ever existed.

    You asked about a method to extracting more information from your mind regarding this. Why do you think you, yourself, have the answers? That idea is a common egocentric and popularized view promote by 'self' and those that wish to promote their dogmas to you. The answers will come from those that introduced themselves to you and unfortunately the answers largely come according to their timing.

    Hypnosis only exposes you to an eruption of self-loaded images, and possibly mis-guidance via the belief systems of the one that may try to lead you while under hypnosis. There are all sorts of crap psychics and regression analysts that will be glad to throw their ideas at you abundantly. However, the door has to be open 'for' you. OBEs in itself will not pry open the door to these ultimate realities that you are compelled to seek, though you would possibly begin to see more about the nature of reality around us.

    Don't worry, though it vexes you. 'They' will continue the dialog with you when the time comes which likely isn't far away. I imagine you already have some trail of crumbs in the last decades that continued to herd you in the general direction, and more will follow.

    The one thing you do have is your intuition that should help you sort the abundance of baloney from the authentic. In time you will find the mechanisms that will allow you to glean more from beyond. Learn to apprehend your intuition.

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