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  1. Plume
    Plume Dust
  2. Nameless
    Nameless Dust
    Hey Dust, just dropping in to say hi to you. I hope you are sleeping better lately. Hugs
  3. Phildan1
    Phildan1 Szaxx
    LOL this idiot system can't send the whole message in one sitting sry lol.
  4. Phildan1
    Phildan1 Szaxx
    I hope we can catch up on chat again.
    I will be in the main city from tuesday to friday (4 days) on the course about the job which I'm doing, the training itself. I think I will be tired in the end. I hope I don't need to work in this job more than a few months lol, not a holiday vacation.
  5. Phildan1
    Phildan1 Szaxx
    Steve where did you go? :D You are now "maybe" talking with me in 1-1 weeks. Do you have so much work? : (
    Pulse is somehow down, I wanted to post today but it is offline or sg like that since half a day minimum.
    1. Szaxx
      There's lots of update issues everywhere at the moment and many people are having trouble. Some haven't been on the pulse for a week or more. My mails are not working properly and I've obtained another old machine to try and recover the older ones so I can reply to them.
      Two system updates in a week shows a problem. Hopefully it will sort itself out and things will start to work again.
      Nov 6, 2016
    2. Phildan1
      Ah, not again :( this problem is occuring since summer :(
      Nov 6, 2016
  6. Karin
    That does sound very weird. It's acting fine with me. But at the end of last year I had tons of network dysfunctions and weird stuff.
  7. Plume
    Plume Karin
    Funny that I actualy had that dream before this probleme mm... Like I knew this would be happening. Maybe I will go pay some bills and see.
  8. Plume
    Plume Karin
    It is so weird this forum is acting in strange way. I don't know what I did but it keep asking me if I really what to post my like to any one. I can't move without being watch :-/ I might have to wait for the storm to pass.
  9. Karin
    LOL. That dream does not sound far from the truth to me. ;-)
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  10. Plume
    Plume Karin
    In my dream I was having some conversation with many about this issue. Quite an adventure I had. I can't write more then 420 character on this posting. Jeez! Total revenge on me lol. Anyway I know it will be fix soon.
  11. Plume
    Plume Karin
    I was having a dream this morning about Apple store making money on us and luring people in ther store, create a virus and fix it to charge you big bucks after. jeez! Revenge of the nerd with a humour twist. Lol.
  12. Plume
    Plume Karin
    I though it was amusing to see you with the face and my avatar next to be the grasshoppers. LoL. It is gone but I still have probkemes logging and can't write except to you Lol.
  13. Karin
    But nothing happened, LOL.
  14. Karin
    When I photographed the mating lizards I had an energy surge the day after, LOL. I was half-expecting one after I saw the two grasshoppers.
  15. Karin
    Wow that's crazy! I LOVE that, that it changed to the mating grasshoppers! Ha ha ha! I already thought it was no coincidence I saw them.
  16. Plume
    Plume Karin
    The avatar images are back to normal but I still can't post anywhere. I find this very amusing.., I love it , I think that Lightning change thing and I went to PCI a card in my tarot for fun. My deck was upside down in my handm, and I though oh well... So what I will pick one anyway.... The hangman... jeez! .. Got to go do some chores.. Later will write more on it.
  17. Plume
    Plume Karin
    I beleive this to be some kind of joke with a hidden message... Not sure what.
  18. Plume
    Plume Karin
    No I did not change it and you have the image of my concrete laughing face with the insect as your avatar
  19. Plume
    Plume Karin
    Ha! There is some electricity in the air... Big storm and Lightning strike. I am having some crazy sync thing going with aha! Moment . I think this grasshopper image is symbolic, I can only ride on your back to post hahaha!
  20. Karin
    What do you mean the grasshopper avatar? Did you change it that? :-)